Friday, January 27, 2012


The Find:

How did I find "The Find"? My daughter, a rabid pinner, told me about it.

My reaction to "The Find"? Have mercy! It's addictive and requires self-control. It's a social network, cookbook, image research tool, and an online scrapbook rolled into one handy site. As a writer, I use it in many ways. It helps me get to know my favorite scribes better, certainly, but it also provides a place for me to find and store images that inspire my writing. It's good medicine to help ward off a deadly case of writer's block, because I can always find something to write about. On my page, the "boards" that relate most closely to my writing are "Books and Brew Bistro," "Writer's Inspiration," "Evocative Images," "Faces and Folks," "Brushstrokes," and "Galleria Fantasia." Pinners create and name their own boards. It's great fun.

Your turn. Do you have a Pinterest site? How do you use it? What do you like best about it? If you're a writer, what special applications do you use? Please share in "Comments."

Write on!
Because of Christ,

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