Saturday, January 21, 2012


(In the interest of full disclosure, I must confess that I may not have actually found "Friday's Find" feature on a Friday.)

The Find:  Tammie Edington Shaw--Letters Across the Page, "Splickety: A New Magazine"; Friday, January 20.

How did I find the find? Shaw, a fellow member of ACFW's 19th Century Writers email loop, announced her interview with Splickety's executive editor, Ben Erlichman.

My reaction to the find? Though the main purpose of the article is to announce the inaugural issue of Splickety, a publication in both print and digital formats that specializes in flash fiction, three other magazines, also imprints of Written World Communications, are listed: Harpstring (Christian fiction); Other Sheep (Christian speculative fiction); and Starsongs (fiction for kids by kids). I'm always thrilled to hear about new potential writing markets.
          The first issue of Splickety features a story by Brandilyn Collins. According to Shaw's article, each issue will feature a well-known author, but Erlichman also welcomes submissions from lesser-known and new writers. I see it as an opportunity to become more familiar with the work of several writers. I also might submit a short, short story of my own occasionally.

Write on!
Because of Christ

Postscript: Yes, yes, I know. Technically this is a "Saturday Find." Sorry.

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