Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Looking at the Stats

Right now, someone in India is reading this blog. That just blows my mind. In fact, when I click on the "Stats" button from my Blogger dashboard and hit "Audience," I see that readers live in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Georgia (the country, not the state, though I hope folks from our great southern state visit, too), Armenia, Azerbaijan, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Latvia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, China, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Russia, the Philippians, and New Zealand. The internet, especially the social networking sites, makes the world seem smaller. I'll not get to visit most of those nations, but I can connect at some level through Blogger, Twitter, or Facebook--the three I use most commonly.

How should one react to that information? As a writer, it sets me to wondering about you, dear reader. What is your life like? What are your sorrows? Your joys? What drew you to this blog? Are you drinking tea as you read? Are you a writer, too? Are you an avid reader? What do you like to read? How difficult is it for you to get to a computer and browse online? For some, it's quite a challenge, as they may have to pay for the privilege. Often the connections are so poor that it's difficult to stay online. Having a sense of audience also imbues this writer with a responsibility to write well on interesting topics and to do so regularly. (I need to improve on that score.)

I do not take lightly the fact that you read this blog. This month we in the U.S. celebrate Thanksgiving, a day when we remember our forefathers who set aside a time to thank God for helping them to survive the hardships of a new land, for providing for them. It's a season that reminds us to be ever thankful for His provision. I thank Him for you, gentle reader, and hope that you'll stop by often.

I would love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment or send a message. By clicking to "Follow" this blog, you can receive notice of new posts.

If you are a writer, then . . .

Write on!
Because of Christ,

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