Monday, March 18, 2013

Poetry Break: "Problem Child"

She's a problem child, all right--
always has been,
always will be.
That girl can dream
like no one I've ever seen.
"Wouldn't it be great," she says,
"Wouldn't it be grand," she dances,
"to do something for God?
To bring souls to Him?
To help enlarge the House of the Almighty?
To go to all the world?"
She sings her joyous plan to all
who will listen.

Thank goodness for the small thinkers,
the micro-dreamers
who shove her and her visions
back into a tiny box
where the corners squeeze out hope
and squelch missionary zeal.
If she and her ilk can be
the Church can remain contained,
for a chosen few.

What's happening?
Lord, is that You taking that lid off

~Copyright 2001 by Sharon Kirk Clifton

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