Monday, July 5, 2010

For the Sake of the Children You Love, Read This Now

This is a life-saving article. You don't want to read it one day too late.


  1. I knew a 2 year old who drowned. So heartbreaking.

  2. Oh, that is incredibly heartbreaking. Horrible!

    We just returned from our little mini-vacation to a water-park resort, and you can bet we watched over our three little ones. On the way there, I explained to my daughter and son-in-law the differences between a "Hollywood drowning" and a real drowning.

    Now, I wish someone would write an article about the dangers of allowing a child to drink (as opposed to accidentally ingesting) the chlorinated water-park water, as I saw more than one child doing it. (I have to remind myself that I'm not everyone's grandma.)

    Write on!

    Because of Christ,

  3. Never take your eyes off them in any circumstance. They move so fast and are so curious.